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So my next blog post on relationships is on Snoopy. Well not Snoopy per say, just the show Charlie Brown, more specifically Lucy and Schroder’s relationship, or lack thereof.

My son’s latest obsession is Snoopy, he is completely in love with watching the funny antics of this little dog. Personally if I ever had to watch Snoopy again it would be too soon, I have seen it so much in the past few weeks. I did, however, get a good post idea from this little show, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

While my little man was laughing hysterically over this show I was in and out of the room doing random things here and there. After a tender little, “Mommy come see, hold you, pwease” (Translation: Hold me on the couch while we watch Snoopy together) from my main squeeze little guy, I took a seat, pulled my little guy onto my lap and settled in for the long haul of watching Snoopy…yet again.

During the next hour I witnessed a funny little happening while bonding tenderly with my son, feel free to ohh and aww over that one. A few times Lucy would visit Schroder and lean on his piano and talk with him. Now in all of my years of seeing this famous little scene I never thought much of it until now. Now all I could see was a darling girl in love with a darling boy and him not having any thoughts for her or her feelings. At one point Lucy told Schroder she loved him and he picked his piano up flipping Lucy over. Poor little Lucy. She just wanted this boy to notice her, to love her and be her main squeeze.

After thinking about this scene for a few minutes…and into days, I became horribly aware of her pain and the awkwardness of the situation. First off I have been Lucy, begging for the love I wanted but could not obtain. On the other hand I have been Schroder, not interested in a certain someone and honestly very annoyed by them. It is sad how roles reverse and how we can be on both sides of a situation like this at different times in our lives or even at the same time in our lives.

Now I wondered…Are we this way because of shows like Charlie Brown from our childhood? Did we see the hard to get behavior of some characters and the determination of the others to get them, leading us to then follow in their steps in our adulthood? Did we watch too many romantic cartoons in our youth showing us that if we annoy someone enough they will begin to love us and/or hate us? Did this make us think that getting someone to love you should be hard work and if love came easily, it wasn’t love?

In my own life I have been known to chase after the unattainable. Regardless if we blame it on my ever famous Daddy issues or what have you I still have this issue. I make issues out of situations that don’t need to be full of issues in the first place. I chased around a daddy that would never love me and I believe this has shaped my search for a mate. Just as Lucy chases Schroeder and begs for his love, I too chase men for their love.

Now that last paragraph makes me sound far more desperate than I actually am, but it is also so very true. More than once I have found myself in a relationship with a man that cared far less for me than I for him. Without realizing it until now I did this because I thought this was normal. I thought it was normal for a girl to be madly in love with a man and for him to feel lukewarm about her. I was Lucy.

Now was I Lucy because I watched Lucy as a girl or because of my life experiences? Did the media affect my relationships or do others relationships affect the media? Was there a writer on Charlie Brown that was madly in love with a piano playing boy who didn’t love her and wrote about this? Or are there little girls madly in love with piano playing boys that don’t love them because of the media? Basically does the chicken or the egg come first? Extremely deep questions I’m getting into now, eh?!

I believe that both our life situations as well as the media do affect our future relationships as well as current relationships. I think seeing examples of relationships will subliminally affect our relationships and I believe our past experiences subliminally affect us, and both affect us in a less subconscious way.

We affect the media and the media affects us. Our relationships are not just our past experiences nor are they just the work of the media influences on our lives. For instance, my latest relationship with Thor, he makes our relationship so easy and wonderful, I however, make issues out of thin air. I worry and stress about basically everything and when I see our relationship as being too wonderful I subliminally try to sabotage it. Now I’m not sure if this is that darn Lucy and/or Schroeder’s fault but I would like someone/something to blame so I will go ahead and use them as scapegoats. Thank you Charlie Brown creators for this out.

I get scared that everything is too good to be true and I begin over analyzing, stressing and combating with myself and with Thor (really with everyone around me.) I create a problem, maybe thinking that because it is too easy it must not be “love” or “good”. Is this from seeing the hard-to-get relationships on TV as a child? Will I ever be cured of this self-inflicted disease of pushing wonderful Thor away at times? Who knows but let us I hope I do! 😀

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